Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to join staff

In their quest to add a never-ending supply of “big names” to their online footprint, has added former NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to their online sports coverage.

Abdul-Jabbar, who is a US Global Cultural Ambassador, recently started the Skyhook Foundation, which essentially is a program that lets athletes, filmmakers, and other luminaries teach children about important American figures.

As far as I can tell though, Abdul-Jabbar’s writing experience consists of more historical nonfiction pieces, including a children’s book about African-American inventors, a book entitled “Black Profiles in Courage” and a quasi-autobiography about Harlem’s Renaissance

So based on all that, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of articles he writes for the company, which will be posted on a bi-weekly basis. At any rate, I’d assume that if he does write about more racial and social topics, they’d be much more tactful than some other less fortunate recent examples. I’d like to see what exactly Abdul-Jabbar has to offer the company, but I’m not sure that ESPN would have any interest in his writing if he wasn’t a famous athlete.

[h/t: ESPN]

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