Clippers announcer Michael Eaves doesn’t know he has a live mic

During Sunday’s Clippers-Warriors game, the game goes to a commercial break in the first quarter. For some reason, the game didn’t cut to commercial, and the announcers’ mics were kept on and live to the viewers during the break. After about a minute, Clippers studio host Michael Eaves starts going into a little tangent about the word “bum” (think British word for butt, not a discussion about hobos”), and then, begins a story about a “naked girl in New Orleans” that gets cut off way too quickly for all of our tastes.

The lesson as always, broadcasters of the world: make sure your mic is off before you start talking about topics that aren’t necessarily appropriate for a basketball game, even if you’re on at commercial. We’ve seen this happen before, but it’s pretty amusing each time it actually does goes down.

Eaves has said nothing on Twitter about the incident, and actually hasn’t updated it since Friday. Well that’s disappointing.

[h/t: Deadspin]

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