Bill Self wraps up post game speech with “you guys got to go take a leak”

Can we get a mention since we beat @thebiglead Seth?

After a squeaker win versus NC State, Kansas was kind enough to let the TBS post game show into the locker room for Bill Self’s victory speech. The speech was engaging but about what you would expect. The speech suddenly jumped the shark as Self not to smoothly segued into an emphatic announcement as to what players were going to have to provide urine shortly.

Self lists off four players and lets them know that “You guys got to go take a leak.” After checking with whomever is spearheading that exciting initiative, the players are then told the much anticipated urination will take place “after media.” 

Drug testing? Steroid testing? Done by the school or done by the NCAA? I don’t really care to be honest. It’s just comical that TBS got that clip and how much urgency Self puts on informing his players that they’ll be peeing into a cup soon.

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