This Week In Screengrab Snafus – 10/4


Craig James is way too excited to be seeing Jesse Palmer.  Awkward bromance or horrible Shining-esque slasher film in the making, you be the judge…

Elsewhere in the snafus this week, Ndamukong Suh was in the news for going into the principal’s office to meet with NFL grand and supreme ruler commish Roger Goodell.  According to Fox, a position change was also in order.  How’d you like to be a receiver coming over the middle against safety Ndamukong Suh…


From our friend Willy Yoder comes Yahoo finally getting their act together in terms of his local Wizards updates.  Looks like they’ve finally come to grips with the lockout…


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Back to college football and two snafus from our friend Tim Burke from this week’s Midweek MAC Madness.  First, in the pandemonium of NIU 63, Toledo 60, it may have been easy for ESPN to have a graphical gaffe or two with the scoreboard ticking over so much.  What makes this snafu great is ESPN happening to christen analyst Tim Brown “Tin.”  Here I thought that was Joe Buck’s nickname…


The next night’s game was a much lower scoring game.  Ohio only managed one behind in their game with Temple midway through the 3rd Quarter (bonus points if you recognize which sport’s scoring I just referenced).


And finally, Andrew Luck and Trent Richardson may be getting all the Heisman hype, but Firstname Lastname may have something to say before this season is all said and done…


That was your week in Screengrab Snafus, next time be careful out there!

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