Ray Hudson Loves Him Some Lionel Messi

The second leg of the preseason Spanish SuperCup was played yesterday, continuing perhaps the biggest and best rivalry in world sports – Barcelona vs Real Madrid.  Barcelona continued their recent dominance over Real with a thrilling 3-2 win at home in the second leg after a 2-2 draw in the first leg.  But as much as I’d love to talk more about the soccer, we’re here to talk about a man whose stature is growing in the blogosphere – GOLTV’s Ray Hudson.  Hudson, who we talked about earlier this week in the first leg, was again at his eccentric and excitable best on two absolutley brilliant Lionel Messi goals.  Transcripts follow both videos, the first a goal before halftime to give Barca a 2-1 lead and the second goal the cup winner in the 88th minute.  Enjoy these scrumtrulescent soundbytes of soccer sanctification…


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Messi Goal #1


“AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!…. Excuse me for being excited people, but we’ve just witnessed a goal that would wake up a catatonic!  Astonishing skill that literally takes the breath away.  Phenomenal football and there’s no answer to that.  You can’t coach against this.  It’s pure genius is what it is!”

“Look at his balance, better balance than a whaler on a very rocky cruise ship.  He stays upright and then he can dink it over the top.  Pique plays it into him beautifully but he’s got it all to do… backheel is magnificent imagination in 3D!  Astonishing chip home… his right foot comes out, he doesn’t need the Strativarius left, he gets his violin out and plays the sweetest music for the go ahead goal right before half time and suck the air out of Real Madrid.”

Messi Goal #2


“A truly genius goal, not just from the executioner, not just from Lionel, but his teammates.  And Cesc Fabregas is a big part of this people… it’s brilliant Barcelona interplay and it’s wonderful finish.  And Lionel Messi is like a clown’s pocket, he just keeps bringing more and more out of it!!

“And it’s an emphatic finish!  Astonishing!  No chance for Casillas, no chance for the Real Madrid defenders!  Cut apart and absolutely made into confetti by Barcelona!”

If I’m NBC with the new MLS/USA soccer package, I’m on the phone with Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson immediately to come be my #1 commentary team.  The two have worked together for years, built up chemistry, and compliment each other well.  Schoen is the straight and solid pbp man who knows when to step away and let Ray do his insane/entertaining thing.  It would be fun to see this booth get some more national exposure and wake up the other catatonic broadcasters out there…

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