I just stumbled upon this year old video for the first time, but I gotta say it’s one of my favorites. Gus Johnson looking swanky as hell in his black-on-black Detroit Tigers hat tilted to an almost dangerous degree recapping his call of our #3 Gus Johnson moment. Gus even brings up his controversial “get away from the cops speed” comment in describing Stokley. Finally, if breaking down what was already a year old play in front of an audience at a videogame convention wasn’t awkward enough, the interviewer pesters Gus into reenacting the call. At first, Gus plays coy but then delivers a hilarious over the top call of the play complete with a band playing behind his call that recieves a standing ovation. Sure, that call and the actual Stokley call really weren’t that similar, but that’s bonus Gus, so I am appreciative.

Anyways, Madden ’12 is out today. For many, Madden’s release date serves as their personal opening day of the NFL season when they can lock themselves in with their pal Darren SHAHWPAH and lead the Bills to a 10-peat. I haven’t picked up a Madden in years so I have no idea if Gus screams for 85% of the game or not, but it has to be more complex than when John Madden would just randomly yell “BOOM” or “POW” a couple times a game.

And, for no reason at all, please enjoy this ambulance montage from an earlier version of Madden football.