Inside the NFL was a huge get for Showtime, when HBO decided to drop it, and now they’re deciding to branch out. The channel has decided to copy the formula for a NASCAR show, and our favorite terrorist joke making sideline reporter will be the host. According to John Ourand at SBD, Chris Myers will be your host and Brad Daugherty, Kyle Petty and Randy Pemberton will be along for the ride….

Showtime Sports has signed a multi-year deal with NASCAR to produce and televise premium television’s first weekly highlights and analysis show dedicated to auto racing. Inside NASCAR will premiere on at 10 p.m. ET Feb. 10, 2010, on Showtime immediately following the season finale of Inside The NFL, and will consist of 38 one-hour episodes corresponding with the Sprint Cup Series’ 38-week season.

“NASCAR is one of the most powerful sports brands in the country,” said Ken Hershman, senior vice president and general manager, Showtime Sports, “and we are proud to team up with them on this compelling new series.”

Inside NASCAR will feature narrated highlights and in-depth analysis from each week’s Cup Series race, exclusive audio and video of never-before-seen aspects of race week and in-depth feature stories plus forecasts on upcoming races and opinions on America’s No. 1 form of motorsports.

This is really a great move by CBS, who owns Showtime, as they try to get into the racing fray. An inside look at NASCAR really isn’t anything new, but fans of the Sport eat that sort of thing up.

Showtime Sports launches ‘Inside NASCAR’ franchise (NASCAR)