Experts around the world have been taking time out of their busy schedule (see: Congress/BCS) to do random reports on Sports, but the latest out of Canada, just might be the best we’ve seen. At a recent seminar a Toronto neurosurgeon finally said what we’ve all been thinking. That HNIC’s Don Cherry is to blame for violence in Hockey. Via CBC News….

“He’s a negative influence,” Dr. Charles Tator told CBC News in reference to Cherry, a popular personality on Hockey Night in Canada. “The aggressive, lack-of-respect hockey that he preaches — we need to get that out of the game.”

Tator, an expert on brain injuries, said hockey culture needs to change and Cherry could influence that.

“If he took a strong stand against no hits to the head, it would help,” Tator said. He noted that years ago, Cherry added his voice to a move to reduce serious neck injuries in hockey by stiffening rules about hitting from behind.

Tator’s view on Cherry was not shared by everyone at the day-long conference, including a former NHL player who left the game in the 1990s due to head injuries.

“Its a very provocative statement,” Jason Smith, now an orthopedic surgeon in Toronto, told CBC News in response to Tator’s opinion that Cherry contributes to the injury problem.

CBC Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry during a news conference Nov. 24.CBC Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry during a news conference Nov. 24. (Darren Calabrese/CP)”I feel that Don Cherry cares about people, ultimately,” Smith said. “So to call him a problem — I don’t know. I think it’s more in the [hockey] culture. He’s a product of that culture … a little more of a rock ’em, sock ’em type.”

Interesting, I guess. I mean people have connected hard hitting action on the field/ice, to violence off of it for years. I guess it’s time we started blaming individuals.

MD blames Don Cherry for hockey violence (CBC News)