Sorry, I know that was a cheesy title but it had to be done. With the announcement today that NBC isn’t going to be flexing the Week 14 Eagles-Giants game, that just about solidifies the fact that not a single game will be flexed into Sunday Night this season. Well outside of the open slot in Week 17. Here’s a look at the rest of the schedule….

Week 13: Sunday, December 6th – Minnesota Vikings at Arizona Cardinals
Week 14: Sunday, December 13th – Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants
Week 15: Sunday, December 20th – Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers
Week 16: Sunday, December 27th – Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins
Week 17: Sunday, January 3rd – TBA

I think NBC could potentially flex the Cowboys-Redskins game, but even when one of the teams is terrible, that matchup still brings in good ratings. We shall see though.