Just wanted to send out a quick thanks to those of you that emailed me saying that you nominated Awful Announcing for a “2008 Weblog Award”. The finalists were released today, and AA made the cut, but is up against some tough competition. The regulars are of course there, but there are also some up-and-comers that could end up winning as well. Here’s your list of finalists….

– Awful Announcing
F1 Fanatic
Kissing Suzy Kolber
Hugging Harold Reynolds
With Leather
The LoHud Yankee Blog
The Big Lead
Soccer By Ives
Beyond The Boxscore
Rumors and Rants

Here’s the link for you to vote, and no….this isn’t a plea for more votes. Everyone already knows that KSK is going to win for like the 40th time in a row. I just don’t want to be last! I kid. Anyway, get out there and vote for your favorite, and be sure to poke around the other categories as well.

Best Sports Blog (2008 Weblog Awards)