Normally this is a Doctor Z thing, and I won’t now how much he contributed until I receive the issue, but SI forwarded me a snippet of their Media Reviews for 2008 and I wanted to pass it along. They handed out awards for various things like best books, movies and documentaries, but here’s the important one….Who are America’s favorite announcers….

NFL – Bob Papa and Ron Jaworski
NBA – Mike Breen or Kevin Harlan and Doug Collins
MLB – Vin Scully and Vin Scully
NHL – Jim Hughson and Brian Hayward
NCAA Hoops – Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery
NCAA Football – Ron Franklin and Kirk Herbstreit

I have no idea why they listed Vin Scully twice, or if someone’s missing, but other than that….I can’t really find anything wrong with the list. I wouldn’t personally say that Bob Papa is my favorite NFL announcer, but people seem to be taking a shine to him on the NFL Network.

I’ll have more on SI’s reviews when the issue comes out, and I’ll have my own end of the year post up soon.