So here is SBL’s Rad (and a bit overwhelming) Schedule of Bloggers and other guests this week. The fun starts at 12 Noon Today, so listen here…it’s live and the first guest is well…she’s a looker.

Sarah Spain
Matt Ballard from those weird YouTube Videos
Brandon Lang, whom Two For the Money was based on….Played by my boy Matt Mc!
Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk
Big Daddy Drew from where else??? KSK
Bob Reno from Bad Jocks
Peter Schrager from FOX Sports
Dave Warner from Dave’s Football Blog
Jared Fogel- The Subway Guy who’s apparently a Colts Fan (ahem*- Bandwagon!)
AJ Daulerio is the balls
Michael David Smith, Stephanie Stradley, and MJD from The NFL Fanhouse

……and awful announcing……little ole’ me. I’m on Thursday…..but Sarah Spain, Brandon Lang, the Bears Poet, and Jared are up today.

They are in the middle of Sports Media Row, so other guests are certain to be grabbed as they walk by.

They are finishing up the Year in Review- 2006, and starting live in a few….enjoy! Sports Bloggers Live

Mister Irrelevant

Little bit of a delay, but they are live now… the link and enjoy. There’s already been a Neon Deion sighting…..sweet.

Also….you can contact Jamie and CT at 866-382-7469 when you’re drunk and attempt to get on the next day’s show. Jamie’s also taken IMs during the show at DCSportsGuy…..feel free to bother him starting now.