Last May I laid into Rich Eisen for receiving risque photos from Philly reporter Alycia Lane (found by his wife Suzy Shuster), but after her latest incident he might have just been dealing with a crazy person. She officially went nuts Saturday/Sunday morning….

A television news anchor who made headlines for sending photos of herself in a bikini to a married man at the NFL Network was arrested Sunday after she punched a police officer in the face, authorities said.

Emmy Award winner Alycia Lane hit the female officer in Manhattan about 2 a.m. Sunday, said police, who provided no information about what led to the incident. The officer was treated at a hospital for a cut and was released.

Lane, 35, was arraigned on a felony charge of assaulting a police officer and pleaded not guilty, said her lawyer, David Smith.

Yep, punching officers in the face is a pretty smart way to keep your job as a public news figure. Smart move there.

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