Outside The Lines will air an in-depth look at Mike Vick’s sentence this afternoon during an hour long special starting at 3pm. We all knew this day was coming, but unfortunately this is going to lead to a long night.

The amount of coverage surrounding the sentencing is sure to be overkill, and I only have one question for you. Do you even care?

Of course this is (or rather was) a big story, but we already knew he was going to jail and we all had an idea of how long. It was first mentioned on Sports Center this morning and by the time we get through OTL, ATH, PTI, and SC we’ll have a nice long 3+ hour Football game featuring Vick’s team to deal with.

It’s going to be a fun live-blog tonight folks! Pardon me if I’m a little grouchy by the time we get to Tony’s diatribe before kickoff.