Stephen A. Smith would love this one. An LSU Fan site has a post titled “Herbstreit’s Source” that claims the College Gameday’s Source was a prank caller pretending to be Desmond Howard. Again just a rumor, but how funny would it be if this is how it went down. Via Tiger Droppings…

This is what happened to Herbstreit…
1)He received a voicemail saying the deal is done, he’s going to Michigan, will be announced early next week, and Tenuta is coming with him.
2)The person who did the voicemail was personating Desmon Howard and said they were Desmond
3)Desmond was in Hawaii covering the game
4)Herbstreit took this information to his supervisor WITHOUT calling Desmond back or confirming it.
5)His supervisor said run with it
6)Once it came out, Herbstreit himself started hearing things that it wasn’t true.
7)They called Hawaii and woke Desmond Howard up about it.
8)Desmond knew NOTHING about it
9)Herbstreit was embarrased and still is and ESPN is trying to cover their somehow. 10)Basically he published this on a prank call

Even for something that could be made up this is pretty detailed. Maybe this is why Herbstreit said he was never going to report on anything again.

With all of that said, Les still hasn’t signed the papers.

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