I don’t know if you can really be happy at someone else’s expense when they’re sick, but just the same Bryant Gumbel will be out for this Thursday’s game between the Broncos and Texans. Via the Houston Chronicle…

NFL Network play-by-play announcer Bryant Gumbel is suffering from a sore throat and will be replaced by Tom Hammond for Thursday’s Broncos-Texans broadcast at Reliant Stadium, a network spokesman said Tuesday.

Hammond will join Cris Collinsworth, with whom he called a playoff game last year for NBC, for the NFL Network broadcast, said network spokesman Seth Palansky.

Tom Hammond should fit in nicely because he’s been covering one crappy Football team all year in Notre Dame. Two should be no problem. I kid I kid. Gumbel is resting his voice for this Saturday Night’s contest between the Bengals and 9ers. While I don’t like when other people suffer….the possibility of a game in which a congested Gumbel is working with Deion Sanders and Marshall Faulk could be gold.

Gumbel to miss Thursday’s Broncos-Texans broadcast (Houston Chronicle)

(Thanks to IANJ for the link)