Ric Flair

WWE is going to the Sports Emmys.

The company received a Sports Emmy nomination for the first time in WWE history. It’s not for something that took place on Raw or SmackDown, but for their documentary Woooooo! Becoming Ric Flair.

WWE will face some stiff competition, competing in the “Outstanding Long Documentary” category against movies produced by LeBron James (After Jackie), John Legend (Citizen Ashe), Kevin Durant (NYC Point Gods), and Dwyane Wade (The Redeem Team). Winners will be announced on May 22.

Woooooo! Becoming Ric Flair was a look inside the 50-year pro wrestling career of “The Nature Boy.” Fox Sports’ Tom Rinaldi interviewed Flair for the doc, which is currently streaming on Peacock.

This is a notable milestone for the company. Pro wrestling, in general, is caught in the middle of sport and entertainment that neither side has really accepted them. Much of the sports world still sees it as scripted entertainment, even though it’s still an athletic competition. Much of the entertainment world still sees it as a scripted sport, even though it’s a live scripted performance multiple times per week.

Announcer Michael Cole said recently that he felt The Bloodline storyline deserved an Emmy. That isn’t going to happen, but at least WWE is in the running for a Sports Emmy.

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