WWE cancelled Talking Smack as a weekly show, and Renee Young (L) and Daniel Bryan (C) apparently found out through Twitter.

It’s highly unfortunate to hear of someone learning of job news through Twitter, and that’s apparently what happened with WWE interviewer and personality Renee Young as well as wrestler and Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan.

John Canton (who writes The Comeback’s wrestling reaction columns and is the editor-in-chief of TJRWrestling.net) tweeted about Talking Smack (a weekly post-Smackdown WWE Network interview show hosted by Young and Bryan) being cancelled as a weekly show (news broken by PWInsider; Canton also covered it at TJR Wrestling); it will continue as a show after pay-per-view events. Young then quote-tweeted Canton’s tweet with “That’s one way to get news.”

This led to lots of criticism from fans:


Young later retweeted a GIF of herself flipping presents someone tweeted at her:


And added a further thought:

This also saw a petition from Max Landis (creator of the BBC’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency series, as well as a prolific writer, producer and director):


That petition had over 6,000 signatures Friday night. And Bryan tweeted that he got the news from seeing Landis’ petition:

And another tweet suggested Young’s own WWE Network interview series Unfiltered has also been cancelled:

Other wrestlers weighed in with support for Young, Bryan and the show:



Young had a great reaction to that last one:

Still, it sounds like there are some communication issues going on at WWE, to say the least. Programming changes happen all the time, but you should probably inform those affected before the news leaks out.


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