Pat McAfee alongside Michael Cole on Monday Night Raw. Photo Credit: USA Network

Pat McAfee’s bold personality has led to him becoming one of the most popular figures in all of sports media. However, it also has its fair share of drawbacks, as he is certainly not afraid to say what is on his mind. And this was on full display when McAfee offered up some highly questionable commentary in the middle of a match during  ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’.

Before the match began between Sami Zayn and Ivar took place, Valhalla, who accompanied Ivar to the ring, placed an “antler crown” onto the head of WWE play-by-play man Michael Cole in a moment that made the live crowd pop.

McAfee wasted no time to take notice of this, calling out Cole by telling him how ridiculous it made him look, despite Cole wanting to focus on the match.

“Finally, the gift that keeps on giving,” said Cole. “But let’s get back to the match because there is a lot at stake here.”

“Let’s get back to the match? Do you see how big of an asshole you look like right now,” said McAfee.

Cole then mentioned how it was Ivar’s birthday, which somehow prompted McAfee to offer some even more outrageous commentary about the antler crown from Valhalla.

“Happy birthday Ivar,” said McAfee. Valhalla just brought something out here that made Michael Cole explode. Just all over himself out here.”

Cole then quickly reminded McAfee that this probably wasn’t the best language to use during a live television broadcast.

“I don’t think you can talk like that on TV.”

Somehow in one minute, McAfee managed to offer two different NSFW moments on WWE programming, which you can see for yourself in a tweet of the wild interaction.

Unsurprisingly, some fans weren’t exactly thrilled with McAfee’s unusual commentary in the early stages of the match.

However, others did enjoy the rather unhinged moment from McAfee, as it is a sign that WWE programming is leaning more into the edgy nature that once made the promotion extremely popular amongst a big demographic during the “Attitude Era”.

Whether you like it or not, McAfee is unapologetically himself on any platform that he appears on. And that will naturally always have an audience. But it may also be a bit of a turn-off for some.

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