2010 -- Skip Bayless

megalomania (n): a delusional mental disorder that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur

Given First Take’s increasingly laughable standard as one of the worst in all of television, it takes something extremely obnoxious for us to pay any attention to the show.  This is that thing that’s extremely obnoxious.

On Friday morning’s show, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith were having their typical daily shoutfest about the Dallas Cowboys.  That was when Bayless went to a disturbing plateau of megalomania unseen outside the realm of cartoony supervillains.

You see, Bayless took credit for the Cowboys’ Thursday Night Football victory over the Bears because he didn’t predict a conclusive Dallas victory.  Bayless truly believes that his carnival barking on First Take has an actual effect on professional sports teams.

The video below is of a man that needs serious professional help:


“Yesterday, especially when my Cowboys were a captive audience in a road hotel, it’s a high probability or possibility they’re going to be watching us.  I wanted to help the cause by trying to re-motivate them in ways I didn’t help the cause before Thanksgiving when I was too bold and too confident… That was my fault and I blamed myself on the show last Friday because I took some blame.  I shouldn’t have been so bold, so over-confident because they were over-confident.”

It’s bad enough that ESPN airs this embarrassment to television on a daily basis.  It’s bad enough that they drag the daily sports conversation into the gutter.  It’s bad enough that they’ve told an entire generation of fans and prospective journalists that the louder you shout, the more fame and fortune you’ll have.

It’s even worse that ESPN employs someone who is enough of a megalomaniac to believe that his television yelling decides who wins and loses.  This is the monster ESPN has created.  You should be proud, Bristol.

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