Words can’t express how incorrect the opinion shared by Elizabeth McDonald of Fox Business Channel is in this clip.

McDonald apparently believes that the NFL is preparing for “record low” attendance at the Super Bowl because the game’s attendance hasn’t cleared 100,000 since 2011.


Do you know why? Here’s a hint: it’s not because of Super Bowl parties, or the popularity of the teams involved…it’s because of the capacity of the stadiums holding the game. You can’t fit 100,000 people into a stadium that only holds 75,000. McDonald also quoted a ticket price range of between $800 and $1,900, which is also off – you’d be lucky to get a ticket to the game online for less than $2,000 right now.

As an extra added bonus, host Maria Bartiromo then assumes that the attendance is declining because people have nice TVs at home and can put on one hell of a Super Bowl party. Yep, that’s gotta be it.


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