Charles Barkley’s honesty and outspokenness makes him a treasure in the sports media.  In an interview with Seth Davis at Campus Insiders, Barkley tells it like it is with the NCAA.  He says he would give a kid coming out of high school $100,000 to get them to Auburn. In addition, he talks about the ongoing scandal at North Carolina and his total lack of respect for the NCAA.

Sir Charles is completely right. From an academic and real-life perspective, what’s happened at North Carolina is a travesty. It’s an embarrassment on the entire institution of higher education. And yet, the NCAA always seems to be more worried about athletes making a couple bucks off an autograph than academic fraud. It’s an astonishing failure of priorities and sooner or later, a total overhaul of college athletics is coming. Hopefully it gets here at some point, so we don’t have to always keep talking about it in the future tense.

[Campus Insiders]

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