Dan Le Batard was up to his old hijinks once again today.  He had  former Inside Edition host Bill O’Reilly on his radio program today for an interview revolving around his latest book “Killing Patton.”  The interview goes fairly well for the first 5 or 6 minutes.

Then… Le Batard enters TROLL MODE.  He starts asking O’Reilly about totally random things – his feud with Keith Olbermann, dancing, musical tastes, embarrassments, and various controversies throughout his career.  Le Batard wouldn’t let that last point go, even after O’Reilly warned that he would end the interview.  After O’Reilly went silent, Le Batard played the most famous three words from O’Reilly’s career – “DO IT LIVE!

It’s 2-1 odds that ESPN suspends him for this.