You may remember Nick Saban’s performance art for the ages from this week when he ranted at the media for no reason in particular to make a fuss over their glorified bye week against Charleston Southern.  Saban lambasted the media and anyone who would bother to listen for not taking a game that his program scheduled against an FCS team in the middle of November seriously.  How dare they!  Only Nick Saban could get angry at someone else over Nick Saban’s scheduling.

Well, someone was listening.  That someone was the SEC Network, who used Charleston Southern’s FCS ranking to depict a #2 vs #8 matchup.

That’s… stretching reality, isn’t it?  If Alabama played Mount Union would they use the D-III ranking too???

Alabama, naturally, had a walk in the park against Charleston Southern.  If Saban is looking for a tougher challenge during SEC Bye Week next year, maybe he should bring The Citadel in to Tuscaloosa.