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Considering the success of the Philadelphia Eagles’ ‘tush push,” it’s not a surprise that other teams would try to emulate the play.

That includes the Cherry Creek Bruins of the Arapahoe Youth League, who just so happen to be coached by Peyton Manning.

During Monday night’s Monday Night Football ‘ManningCast,’ the Hall of Fame quarterback used the matchup between the Eagles and the Seattle Seahawks as an opportunity to praise the Bruins’ execution of Philadelphia’s most famous play.

“The Eagles do it well, but so do the Cherry Creek Bruins of the Arapahoe Youth League,” Manning said as the simulcast pulled up a clip of his son’s team running the play. “We come in motion here, we bring Rider in motion. [Manning’s son] Marshall times the snap count and then there it is. That is how you get into the end zone.”

“That’s a well-coached football club,” San Francisco 49ers running back and show guest Christian McCaffrey replied. “Who coaches that Cherry Creek team? They must be a genius.”

“I’m telling you, it’s all about the coaching,” Manning answered. “The players know how to execute.”

While the clip didn’t include any indication that a penalty was called, the five-time NFL MVP revealed that he was later informed by the refs that the play wasn’t legal — at least not in the AYL.

“We were told after that play, the ref was like, ‘Hey, you can’t do that,'” Manning said. “I’m like, ‘The Eagles do it in the NFL.’ And he’s like, ‘This isn’t the NFL.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, I thought 7th grade AYL Colorado youth football was the NFL.’ I was confused. But that was the last time we did it. They banned it in our league. But the NFL, you guys can still do it.”

Even in the NFL, the ‘tush push’ — or the ‘brotherly shove’ — has been the source of controversy, with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly considering pushing for a ban of the play. But while Manning has downplayed any interest he might have in succeeding Goodell, it’s clear that “The Sheriff” sees the play as fair game.

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