Controversial Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke just became even more controversial in the UK for non-Arsenal reasons. (Kroenke also owns the Los Angeles Rams, and his family owns majority stakes in the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche.)

Kroenke started a UK-based outdoors channel called My Outdoor TV, which features big-game hunting shows and hunters killing endangered species.

From the Evening Standard.

“In one programme a man can be seen shooting a lion, saying: ‘This is the most exciting hunt I have ever been on.’

“In another, a presenter kills a critically endangered African elephant, saying: ‘There’s no other feeling in the world quite like walking up on your bull elephant.’

The visuals are even worse.

A petition to get Kroenke to sell his shares of Arsenal because of the channel already has over 9,000 signatures on

Perhaps Kroenke can find an American partner for his show. I know of one person who would be very eager.

[Evening Standard]

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