Orlando City B Photo Credit: Orlando City B Communications

Whether we like it or not, AI technology is finding more uses almost daily.

Some of these developments have been ridiculed, such as terrible Google search results, deep-fake videos and AI-written content in publications such as Sports Illustrated.

Then there are the AI developments that make everyone say, “Hmm, that’s a great idea, and one day, it will be everywhere.”

That’s the perfect description for an AI innovation being unveiled in an unlikely venue: an upcoming MLS Next Pro match.

Orlando City B announced Thursday that its April 2 match against Inter Miami CF II will be the first-ever live sporting event broadcast simultaneously in multiple languages, thanks to AI.

The match, part of the 2024 Generation Adidas Cup at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, will be translated into French, Spanish, and Portuguese. The translation will maintain the broadcast crew’s original voices and tone.

MLS Next Pro, a developmental soccer league, unveils the innovation through its MLS Innovation Lab and a partnership with Camb.AI, an AI dubbing platform.

While it’s an unlikely spot for the technology to debut, it’s not hard to see this technology being used for NFL, MLB and NBA broadcasts, and it could easily be expanded to dozens of languages.

The match can be streamed for free on MLSNEXTPro.com if you’re interested.


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