Tim Layden has been with Sports Illustrated for over 25 years. That run is coming to an end, with Layden announcing his decision via Twitter.

Before anyone jumps to an assumption that Layden is reacting to the recent turmoil involving SI’s ownership, the statement reads, in part:

It is fully my decision to move on, and it was made long before either of the two recent sales involving the SI brand. My departure is not a reaction to the business of SI. It’s just time for a change, while I still have some gas in the tank. I’m retiring from Sports Illustrated, but I am not retiring. I expect to have more news to share on that front in the future, but today is about SI.

Layden’s announcement received plenty of support on Twitter:

Layden had a great run at SI, and surely he’ll be back in business shortly. It’s hard to imagine him not having his choice of outlet, and just about every option would be lucky to have him.

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