Shaun Morash on WFAN Credit: WFAN on SNY

Ciara and Russell Wilson may be the strongest power couple in sports, but while dissecting a potential new top duo in Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce on Wednesday, WFAN producer Shaun Morash ended up telling the story of the time he allegedly got this close to a romance with Ciara himself.

As part of his Cinco De Five-O ranking segment, Morash ripped through the strangest couples in recent memory, including Ciara and Wilson.

Then Morash detailed how he, along with the show’s host Tiki Barber, once did shots with the couple at a party. In Morash’s telling, Ciara was doting over him and more emotive than he expected.

“We did a couple shots, we hit it off,” Morash explained. “And I’m not going to lie to you, she touched my chest at one point. She found me very funny and very amusing.”

“But I was married, I wasn’t going to do anything about it. She was married, wasn’t going to do anything about it.”

What sealed the deal for Morash was that Ciara remembered his name at the end of the night.

“I believe because she was a celebrity, she married a celebrity, but deep down, I believe that Ciara is a chubby chaser,” Morash said. “I believe if we both weren’t married, she would have considered going home with me.”

It seems like this party actually happened. Morash couldn’t have made the whole thing up. But Ciara and Wilson seem happily married with children. This story, more than anything, just makes her seem like a nice person.

That clearly won’t stop Morash from believing.


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