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Dan Patrick also revealed his retirement in announcing his contract extension last year. No, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon, although he did confound a few folks with the way he announced the news. So he’ll still be hosting The Dan Patrick Show until 2028.

But he recently revealed that he’s received some inquiries about the future of his position.

A call from Myron in Atlanta initiated the conversation. Myron inquired about Patrick’s preference for a replacement among the Danettes in case of an unforeseen event before Patrick’s retirement in 2028.

“I wouldn’t pick any of the Danettes to be my successor,” said Patrick. “They’re really good at what they do, but this is a little different here. And I don’t want them to follow — I mean, it’s like following John Wooden or Nick Saban. That’s not fair; I can’t do that to them. (Executive Producer) Todd (Fritz) can’t deal with the pressure of just being Todd, let alone…”

The topic of succession in the studio arose when fellow Danette, Marvin Prince, asked Patrick if anyone had expressed interest in taking over.

Patrick confirmed there had been inquiries but downplayed them as casual rather than serious conversations. He emphasized that if a genuine discussion were to happen, the Danettes would naturally be involved. Patrick then playfully turned the tables, asking if the Danettes themselves had been approached by other shows about future opportunities. That’s when Paul Pabst explained that three individuals expressed interest in replacing Patrick after his retirement announcement.

“I had one person call me directly, who said, ‘Hey, can I put my name in the hat?'” Patrick continued. “And I said, ‘Well, there’s no hat.’ Well, he said, ‘Can you get a hat?’ I said, ‘Alright, I’ll get a hat.'”

The image of Patrick holding a literal hat drawing for his successor is funnier than it has any right to be. Thankfully, his retirement’s a ways off, so there’s plenty of time for him and the Danettes to have some laughs figuring out a more appropriate selection process.

And no, Patrick doesn’t anticipate Ross Tucker spiking his drink to speed up the process, but Todd Fritz wouldn’t put it past Doug Gottlieb — he’s joking, of course.

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