Sports talk radio callers don’t have the greatest reputations but this one is certainly one for the ages.

We know that Canada loves its hockey, curling and well…really any sport involving ice. But, this is also a nation with a real life Major League Baseball team. You know them as the Toronto Blue Jays.

So, perhaps it should be a bit surprising to find out that FOX television show has duped an unsuspecting Canadian radio listener into believing what she was watching on her TV on Thursday night was a real-life pitcher going for the San Diego Padres.

According to this is how the call in to the radio show started:

“On the sports this morning, you didn’t mention how the female pitcher did in major league baseball. She pitched last night, I thought.”

The host, Luke Banack, probably bewildered responded back in a very Canadian way — politely reminding the caller that it was just a TV show she was witnessing.

“No, that’s a TV series,” responds Banack, much to the woman’s embarrassment. “They’ve done a great job promoting it…I firmly believe that we will eventually see a woman in major league baseball, but just not right now. That’s just an actress.”

Considering ‘Pitch’ was going for realism in its baseball scenes, the folks at FOX have to be happy about hearing so many people have been duped in to believing a history-making event was actually taking place on their TV screens.

Seriously folks? Have we gotten to the point where you can’t tell that a television drama series isn’t a real-life baseball game. Come on now.


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