As far as television analysts go, Mike Milbury is not someone who has ever been concerned with winning friends or being popular. Perhaps that makes sense for someone whose most notable career moment was marching up into the stands and beating up a fan with a shoe.

So when it comes to his thoughts on the home of the Detroit Red Wings, Joe Louis Arena, Milbury did not hold back last night. He suggested the Wings should start rebuilding with the esteemed franchise sitting 7th in the Atlantic Division at the moment, but just couldn’t resist getting this dig in at their longtime home.

“It’s probably the right time. They’re getting out of that dump they call “The Joe” which was a dump the day they opened it and it’ll be a dump the day they close it.”

As you can imagine, the social media reaction to Milbury was well-nuanced. Actually just kidding, there were lots and lots of swear words used. Although one tweet that is fit to print that carries a common sentiment is the message to Milbury from Detroit fans that they are the only ones who should be able to call the Joe a dump. A fair enough point.

Let’s be honest, the Joe is not a modern marvel, but it’s a building that has a lot of history behind it with the Red Wings winning four Stanley Cups while playing there. The building has been the home of the Red Wings since 1979 and it stands as one of the oldest buildings still hosting an NHL team.

The Joe will be succeeded as the home of the Wings next year by the brand new Little Caesar’s Arena in downtown Detroit. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as far as a classic hockey arena, but it is what it is. Maybe Milbury will be invited to the opening game next season to check out the new digs and Detroit fans will welcome him with open arms…. or not.

Video H/T @DetroitMoments on Twitter

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