Rob Ray Photo Credit: MSG Network

Rob Ray earned a reputation as an enforcer during his lengthy NHL career, showing extreme toughness on the ice.

Ray hasn’t lost that toughness in his retirement. The Buffalo Sabres color analyst proved that Monday night when he took a puck right between the eyes that drew blood, yet he continued the broadcast.

Ray took the errant puck in the third period of the Sabres’ game against the Arizona Coyotes. The puck drew blood. Play was stopped, officials brought Ray a towel, and players skated over to check on his condition.

And Ray left his headset on and kept talking as he wiped up the blood.

“All good,” Ray said.

Ray required a bandage, but wore it proudly as he continued the MSG Network broadcast.

It’s the type of toughness you would expect from the Sabres’ all-time leader in penalty minutes.

The 55-year-old Ray, who played 14 of his 15 NHL seasons with the Sabres, joined the team’s broadcast crew in 2012.

Fans were impressed with Ray’s toughness.

[Buffalo Hockey Moments; Photo Credit: MSG Network]

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