Tom Brady Troy Aikman Jan 28, 2020; Miami, Florida, USA; Fox Sports broadcaster Troy Aikman speaks with the media during Fox Sports media day at the Miami Beach convention center. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s Troy Aikman is just the latest to dip his feet into the pool and say Tom Brady could be back on the field.

Sometimes, it feels like Brady could host somewhere live on television, on an NFL Sunday, from his couch at his house, and people would still say, “Hey, maybe he could play again!” After a while, it starts to feel like the cycle never concludes, but once again, someone has alluded to thinking that the legendary quarterback could return to the NFL after his retirement this off-season.

Aikman talked to TMZ Sports and said that he “wouldn’t rule anything out” on Brady returning to the NFL. The three-time Super Bowl Champion quarterback believes the Raiders would be who the seven-time Super Bowl Champion would play for. Brady recently acquired a minority ownership stake in the team.

“I don’t want to speak for Tom, but I wouldn’t rule anything out,” he said. Aikman continued, “I would bet that just nothing is off the table as far as what may occur during the season or what Tom’s role may be. I think he’s done playing, but you just never know,” he told TMZ.

In a way, it’s an interesting comment to make. Especially as ESPN and Fox — who Brady is set to work for on television — are rival competitors. But it’s probably unlikely that Tom Brady will return to the NFL, even if Troy Aikman still thinks it’s possible. Sure, it’s fun to think out loud about, considering how long Brady played in the league. But it’s really felt like this is the end of the line. But each time someone says this, it becomes less and less surprising.

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