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NFL Network’s Shaun O’Hara insisted Josh Allen is better than Patrick Mahomes, even after the Kansas City Chiefs knocked the Buffalo Bills out of the playoffs again.

Last week, O’Hara ranked Allen’s play ahead of Mahomes heading into the Divisional Round of the playoffs. And after Mahomes knocked Allen out of the playoffs, O’Hara would not waver. But here’s the thing, O’Hara was not just arguing that Allen played better than Mahomes in Buffalo’s loss to Kansas City Sunday night, the former New York Giants offensive lineman was insisting Allen is the better quarterback of the two.

“Regardless of the outcome, I’m taking Josh Allen every single time,” O’Hara said, prompting host Kimmi Chex to note Mahomes has won multiple regular season and Super Bowl MVPs.

“I think Mahomes has the better team,” O’Hara said definitively. “That’s why. But pure quarterback play? I think Josh Allen is better. You can’t argue that the Chiefs have a better defense, better tight end, better running back, better offensive line.”

O’Hara meant you can’t argue against the Chiefs having a better defense, better tight end, better running back and better offensive line than the Bills right now.  It’s really hard to argue against the Chiefs having a better quarterback too, but O’Hara tried his darndest.

“Look, this is not a disrespect on Mahomes,” O’Hara alleged while disrespecting the two-time NFL MVP. “With Josh Allen, it’s 1A and 1B right there. Like I said, you can alternate them week to week. But the Chiefs have the better team, Mahomes has the better team. Josh Allen is still looking for some help, ‘Can I get somebody to catch the ball? Can I get somebody to make the field goal?’”

The epic reaction from Bucky Brooks surely echoed the reaction from at least 90 percent of the people who have watched this segment. O’Hara made sure to note the huge drop from Stefon Diggs and the missed kick by Tyler Bass, but he decided against mentioning that Allen failed to deliver a pass to Khalil Shakir who was open in the end zone on Buffalo’s final drive.

But if O’Hara was just trying to make the claim that Allen played better than Mahomes Sunday night, the take wouldn’t be so outrageous. This was O’Hara definitively declaring Allen, who is 0-3 against Kansas City in the playoffs, better than Mahomes.

The narrative around Allen after losing against Mahomes in the playoffs for the third time should be whether or not he’s capable of beating Kansas City. Instead, not only is he given the benefit of the doubt, but he has O’Hara in his corner claiming he’s better than the quarterback that he can’t beat in the playoffs. Lamar Jackson should hope he’s afforded the same luxury if he loses to Mahomes and the Chiefs on Championship Sunday.

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