Saints GM Mickey Loomis chewing gum Photo credit: WVUE

New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis held a press conference Wednesday afternoon that was marred by his own gum chewing.

Apparently, Loomis explained why he decided to retain Dennis Allen as head coach next season and rattled off a bunch of statistics to support his reasoning. But to hear any of that explanation, you would have needed to get past the general manager incessantly chomping away on a piece of gum with his mouth wide open first. A feat that would be nearly impossible.

Gross. That might be the most annoying minute-long sound clip in the history of sports. What was Loomis doing? This isn’t his first press conference. Have some semblance of professionalism and decency.

There’s nothing wrong with chewing gum, we’ve all tried it. But at a bare minimum, if you find yourself in the middle of a press conference with gum, please chew with your mouth closed. You know what? Even if you’re not in a press conference, chew with your mouth closed. But sitting behind a microphone, chatting away, chewing gum with your mouth wide open might be the pinnacle of awful announcing.

Colin Cowherd doesn’t trust a quarterback who wears their hat backwards, I don’t trust a GM who chews gum with his mouth wide open. Sorry. Dennis Allen can stay, Mickey Loomis has to go after that performance. Saints fans can say thanks for Super Bowl XLIV, but your work here is done.

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