EA Sports and other publishers of sports video games cracked the code with their Ultimate Team game modes, giving players the ability to combine stars of the present with legends of the past while also capitalizing on the impulses of gamers to open mystery packs thanks to microtransactions. These game modes are always looking for new features and players to draw fans in and that includes some unexpected surprises in the game…. like a Rich Eisen NFL combine card for Madden Ultimate Team.

The NFL Network broadcaster received the honor in Madden Ultimate Team as a running back thanks to his annual tradition of running the 40 yard dash at the NFL combine. Players are given an Eisen card that is rated at 88 overall and can be upgraded to a 93 overall player card if you can score 20 touchdowns with him in game according to a tweet from Eisen.

Hilariously, the original item will be almost unplayable in game with only 64 speed while the upgraded item will be transformed into an elite card with an increase to 94 speed. To put that in perspective, Eisen will be faster in game than a current 93 rated Gale Sayers card.

Seeing Rich Eisen run past elite current defenders like Fred Warner and Hall of Famers like Ray Lewis would be a bizarre sight, but that’s why it’s a video game. It would be amazing if Eisen became one of the truly elite cards that top players would use. But why stop there? Why can’t we build an entire Ultimate Team of NFL broadcasters? Could you imagine Jim Nantz at quarterback throwing it up top to Joe Buck so he could score a touchdown and relive his favorite Randy Moss celebration? Don’t let us down EA!

[Rich Eisen on Twitter]