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The announcer jinx. Is it even officially a week in the NFL regular season without one?

Regardless of whether you believe announcer jinxes are real, we all have to at least admit the believers seem to keep getting supporting evidence week after week.

Sunday afternoon, it was CBS play-by-play voice Kevin Harlan’s turn to put the announcer jinx to the test, with an assist from game analyst and former NFL quarterback Trent Green. It occurred as the first half of the Packers-Broncos game was winding down, when Green Bay kicker Anders Carlson attempted to put his team on the board.

“Which brings us to Anders Carlson, the rookie. His brother of course, Daniel, the All-Pro kicker for the Raiders. Anders, as a rookie, has not missed,” Harlan noted. “He’s made two from 50 yards or more, the longest 52. He’s knocked in all ten of his extra points…this will be a 43-yard try to put the Packers on the board.”

This rookie kicker sounds really impressive! Even if he does miss, this might not be worthy of the “announcer jinx” label. Harlan was just reading off the stats, it’s not his fault Carlson was perfect through five games. But the booth wasn’t quite finished fawning over Carlson’s talent.

“And Kevin, in warmups, he was making them pretty consistently at 58 yards. Well into the net,” game analyst Trent Green said to further tease what has to be a made field goal for Carlson. A 43-yard first half attempt with little pressure and perfect weather. There’s no way Carlson is missing this kick.

“He didn’t miss,” Harlan added of Carlson’s pregame prowess. “He did not miss one field goal try in pregame. There is very little breeze here. And from 43, he – misses.”

Whoops. Who saw that coming? And adding insult to injury, the Packers really could have used those three points. After getting shutout in the first half, Green Bay fell to Denver, 19-17.

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