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If you want to know how something works, you have to get in there and experience it yourself. That’s what will make you great.

Just ask Jane Slater.

The NFL Network reporter was spending time at Dallas Cowboys training camp and practiced some on-the-field tackling drills.

And she did not disappoint.

“Oh I think I got concussed,” Slater said as the video kept rolling following a drive through a tackling dummy.

She was a natural.

Slater also had some fun on social media on the drill Tweeting “Dumb ways to die,” with some screengrabs from it.

Is it just me, or does she really look like she can hang with the best of them?

Either way, you have to appreciate not only the effort, but her ability to be amongst the players and take some hits (literally) in order to better herself. The research and preparation deserve praise.

Standing at around 5’6″, Slater wasn’t even the shortest person on the field.

Cowboys rookie running back Deuce Vaughn measures in at 5’5″ as the shortest player in the NFL since the league began measuring such information in 2003.

He’s also taking on a huge role after being drafted by Dallas in the NFL Draft. While he could fill the shoes of Ezekiel Elliott, owner and general manager Jerry Jones said he hasn’t fully closed the door on Zeke’s return.

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