Emmanuel Acho implores you to 'watch your mouth' when you talk about Cam Newton (Credit: FS1)

Many people have expressed their opinions on Cam Newton, especially after his recent comments about Jared Goff, Tua Tagovailoa, Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott, and how they relate to the MVP conversation.

Last week, Newton argued that his former Carolina Panthers teammate and current San Francisco 49ers running back, Christian McCaffrey, should be this year’s MVP. He made the controversial statement that quarterbacks such as Prescott, Purdy, Tagovailoa and Goff are more like “game managers” than “difference-makers.”

“These are game managers, they’re not difference-makers,” Newton said on his 4th & 1 with Cam Newton podcast. “If we’re really going to call a spade a spade, there’s a difference between managers of the game and difference-makers of a game. That’s not to say they can’t win the MVP, but it just is what it is.”

At the same time, people have used it as a springboard to come after Newton, the player. You know, the one who was one of the better quarterbacks across the league over the past decade.

One of those in the sports media landscape to throw their hat into the echo chamber ring is Emmanuel Acho, who promised he would offend some people, including himself, regarding his take on the 34-year-old Newton. Whatever that means is anyone’s guess, but he has proven to be the voice of reason, as people tend to lose their minds when they discuss the 2015 NFL MVP.

“You, yes you. Watch your mouth when you talk about Cam Newton,” Acho said as he looked directly into the camera on FS1’s Speak. “Now, I do not agree with what Cam Newton said about Brock Purdy, about Dak Prescott, about Tua Tagovailoa. I believe they are catalysts in helping their team win. However, Cam Newton is definitely allowed to sound off on it if anybody is. Who is Cam Newton giving this opinion? Cam Newton is the only player in the history of football to win a Heisman, an NFL MVP, go to a Super Bowl. Cam Newton is one of one; that’s why he wore the No. 1 because he’s like that.

“So, if anybody can give their opinion on quarterback play, it’s Cam Newton, who is allowed to give his opinion on quarterback play, because when it comes to playing quarterback in football, he’s top-20 ever. I’m not talking the NFL; I’m talking football at every level. He won the Heisman; he was the best in college. Then, he went to the NFL and won MVP….and not only that, he took his team to the Super Bowl in a 15-1 season, when his best wide receiver was Ted Ginn (Jr.), whose career high is 787 yards in a season.”

Acho defended Newton’s right to criticize fellow QBs but stopped short of endorsing his comments. He listed his unique achievements, which he believes qualify Newtown to have a seat at the table regarding the conversation at large, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he agrees with his opinion.

“So, what are we talking about?” Acho continued. “Now, was Cam Newton right? I don’t think he was, but he’s giving his opinion on a subjective matter. It’s subjective, so it’s open to interpretation of anybody’s opinion, your own. But unless you are as credentialed as Cam Netwon, then you can’t say Cam Newton can’t speak on the matter. Do I think he was right? No. But it’s Cam Newton, so imma listen to him talk. I’m gonna give him space to talk. I’m gonna give him space to speak. I’m not gonna chastise him for what he has to say. So be mindful of how you speak when you speak about Cam Newton.

Pretty fitting that this discussion happened on Speak, eh?

On a more serious note, after sparking debate, Newton’s comments serve as a reminder of the subjective nature of the MVP award and the nuanced roles quarterbacks play in their teams’ success.

[Emmanuel Acho, 4th & 1 with Cam Newton]

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