Fox's report on Dez Bryant's positive COVID-19 test.

The Dallas Cowboys-Baltimore Ravens game Tuesday was initially set for last Thursday, but bumped, and bumped, and bumped again thanks to the reschedulings of the Ravens’ previous game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. And while the game did get underway Tuesday night, its start carried quite an interesting moment, with Fox’s Jay Glazer relaying the news on the pre-game show that Ravens’ receiver Dez Bryant had received an inconclusive test Tuesday morning, went to the stadium for warmups, was pulled and tested again, and tested positive:

Part of what’s interesting there is not just Glazer’s report on the details, but the response from analyst Howie Long of “You wonder how they deal with the contract tracing.” And host Curt Menafee, after showing Bryant’s tweets on this, discussed some of the game-day testing protocols that led to this, and mentioned the Justin Turner situation in baseball.

“It’s one of those situations where, like you said, contact tracing, all that kind of stuff, they do day-of-game testing now, and that’s why sometimes it happens…we saw it happen in baseball with a player who’s on the field. Luckily for everyone, this game hadn’t started yet.”

On the contact tracing front, ESPN’s Kevin Seifert and SI’s Albert Breer later offered some more clarity on the contact tracing the league did after the Bryant test and what the results were:

So that’s why the game was still played without any further players removed. But this is still definitely concerning, especially with this being on a team that’s been facing large numbers of COVID-19 positives in the past few weeks. And as for Bryant, his response here was also notable. Here’s his first tweet on this:

And here’s Bryant saying later that this is going to be it for him for the season:

So that’s certainly an unusual start to an unusual Thursday Night Football (On Tuesday) game.

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