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Everyone has an idea about what the Chicago Bears should do with Justin Fields, but Craig Carton may have had the worst idea.

With the Atlanta Falcons removing themselves from the Justin Fields sweepstakes by signing Kirk Cousins, Craig Carton went on his Tuesday morning FS1 show and suggested it might be time for the Chicago Bears quarterback to play wide receiver.

“This kid brings so many other intangibles to a football field that makes him hard to bring down,” Carton said in an attempt to compliment Fields’ running ability. “So I’m gonna go out there, I’m gonna get a badass, legitimate generational talent in Caleb Williams and I’m gonna give him D.J. Moore on one side and Justin Fields on the other side. Guard that!”

Justin Fields might take offense to Carton’s suggestion, but former NFL wide receiver Greg Jennings already did take offense to what his co-host was saying on FS1.

“Stop it. It’s not that easy,” Jennings fired back, noting Carton was making the absurd insinuation that Fields would be a better wide receiver than wide receivers who have been playing the position their entire lives and careers. “If it were that easy, we’d see it done all the time…you’re being very disrespectful. You’re being absolutely the most disrespectful you can be right now.”

“You see things in a linear fashion, I’m a great thinker,” Carton insisted. “Justin Fields is an all-world athlete. So why do I have to give him up? I don’t. I’m going to use him in a position that affords me the opportunity to take advantage of his skills.”

Except it doesn’t take advantage of his most valuable skill, which is playing quarterback. Fields has no value as a wide receiver. He still has a lot of value as a quarterback. Carton also suggested Bryce Young should be a slot receiver last month, so take this latest hot take with a grain of salt.

The Bears have to decide between Justin Fields and Caleb Williams in what Michael Wilbon labeled the “most divisive sports issue in the history of Chicago.” Do the Bears use the No. 1 overall pick to draft the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck? Or do they trade down for a massive haul and continue building around Fields.

Chicago might be split on the decision, but the city will likely be unified in rejecting Carton’s call for the Bears to make Fields a wide receiver. And even if Chicago did entertain the idea of making Fields a wide receiver (which they won’t), Fields would reject it. Fields is staring at a $200 million contract extension if he stays healthy and plays decently at quarterback next season. He’s not about to give that up to try running routes.

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