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Colin Cowherd believes the NFL scheduling Wednesday games on Christmas is a “tipping point” in the league overtaking the NBA completely.

Discussing the league’s decision to play mid-week games during the holiday on The Colin Cowherd Podcast and The Herd on FS1, Cowherd why the NFL is seizing this moment to go all-out against basketball — and why it very well might work.

“I think the NFL sees weakness,” Cowherd explained on his podcast. “The gloves are off. It feels like to me, the NFL has said ‘We’re going to squeeze you,’ and I do believe that is a tipping point. That Christmas Day mattered a lot to the NBA, and those NFL games put a blanket over it.”

Later on Wednesday’s radio show, Cowherd doubled down.

As the NFL continues to raise its popularity to new heights, expand internationally, and own the sports conversation in the United States, it’s no wonder the league would aim for its biggest competitor as well.

“There’s a reason Roger Goodell keeps getting raises, because he keeps thumping the NBA and baseball and pulling away from all the other sports,” said Cowherd.

Cowherd sees this move as one that could permanently change the tide of when and how the NBA matters to the average sports fan and inflict real damage to basketball’s resonance in the country.

“These Wednesday Christmas games, last year’s Christmas games got massive numbers. They bludgeoned the NBA,” Cowherd added. “I think the NFL also sees an opportunity has made some marketing mistakes. LeBron, Steph, KD getting older, they are seizing a business opportunity and putting games right on a day that used to be owned by basketball.”

Many questioned whether the NFL would duplicate last year’s Christmas success because the holiday falls on a Wednesday in 2024. This decision clearly signals the NFL smells blood in the water and believes it can compete with the NBA, even on territory basketball used to own.

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