Barstool’s Big Cat caused quite a disruption when he called into the NFL’s Competition Committee conference call.

As you might expect, they didn’t have a real question. Instead, here’s what he asked:

A transcript, if you don’t want to play that out loud, for which we don’t blame you:

“Good afternoon gentlemen. missed extra points were a big story this year. Have you guys discussed the possibility of eliminating extra points and having a control center where a greased up Andy Reid climbs the goalposts like a Double Dare challenge? Could be fun. Quick follow up, could you get rid of the “Sr.” suffix on the nameplates, cause it’s kind of a brag that the player had sex at some point? It’s also kind of a family television deal.”

Okay, the first half is typical Barstool, in that it opens with a decent comedic premise that’s shoved out the door before anyone bothers to edit or revise anything. It’s essentially Family Guy comedy, right? Big Cat says something, then a quick cutaway gag to the Andy Reid imagery, a dated television reference, and then we’re out the door with a callback to a running gag about player suffixes.

Fortunately for Barstool, no one likes the NFL league office, so while their comedic arrows might not be that sharp, their target is essentially the world’s biggest and most easily popped balloon.

The real question, though: who’s the inside man or woman helping them infiltrate the NFL’s conference calls and other events? Now that’s a mystery.

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