A Falcons' graphic about the 49ers.

The full NFL schedule was released Thursday night, and many teams got creative with the announcement of their individual schedules. That included the Atlanta Falcons putting out a Rube Goldberg machine video. On Friday morning, though, the Falcons went with another approach, relaying their week-by-week opponents as different kinds of wings in a Twitter thread. And when it came to their Week 6 game against the San Francisco 49ers, well, they came up with this:

There are a lot of questions that come to mind here, from “Why do a schedule as different wings, especially with most of the connections really tenuous?” to “Why is the 49ers entry cauliflower, not wings?” (“Ha, ha, California has vegetarians!”, perhaps? But this isn’t even cauliflower that particularly looks like wings…) to “Why did they spell it ‘San Franscisco?'” (It’s possible they’re referencing the San Jose-headquartered tech company, but that doesn’t seem to have a connection to cauliflower. If they were trying to reference the stadium/cafeteria food conglomerate, that’s Sysco, but they’re based in Houston. And singer Sisqó is from Baltimore. So it’s also possible that this was just a typo.)

Of course, this isn’t the most glaring or significant error we saw around the schedule release. That’s probably league TV partner ESPN initially announcing that the Denver Broncos would play two different teams in Week 1. But this is still funny, and it fits into a long line of teams’ graphical errors on social media. Fortunately, the Falcons will be at home for this game, so we don’t have to see them attempt to book travel to “San Franscisco.”

[Atlanta Falcons on Twitter; hat tip to Niners Nation]

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