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The Denver Broncos lost, and then they won, beating the Buffalo Bills on their second game-winning field goal attempt Monday night. And as much as the players were stunned by the ending, the announcers were equally in disbelief.

With three scores in the last five minutes of the game, the Bills-Broncos Monday Night Football matchup was chock full of back-and-forth action. But it was the final play that was the coup de grâce, as both teams tried their best to lose the game.

Down by one (thanks to an earlier missed extra point), with less than two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, Russell Wilson drove Denver into field goal range. Then Wilson took a sack, knocking them out of field goal range only to be helped by a pass interference call to bring them back into field goal range on the next play. After Wilson took a couple of knees as the Bills used up their remaining timeouts, Denver ran a fire drill, sending their field goal team onto the field in a hurry to beat the game clock.

Kicker Will Lutz was set in time, but he sailed the 41-yard field goal attempt wide right, seemingly giving Buffalo the win.

Not quite. The Bills were penalized for having 12 players on the field and Denver had new life. Lutz re-kicked from 36 yards and this one was good. No flags on the field. Denver wins. Buffalo was demoralized and the announcers were stunned.

Here’s how it sounded on ESPN with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on the call.

After watching the replay and counting how many players were on the field, Aikman couldn’t say much more than “Wow,” before Lutz lined up for his second kick.

On the ManningCast, Peyton and Eli Manning, along with guest Kyle Brandt were much more emotional as they watched the Broncos and Bills trade mistakes in the game’s closing minutes.

Once Peyton saw the first kick sail wide right, he put his head down in disappointment, not realizing Buffalo gifted Denver a second chance at winning the game. Still seemingly disgusted by Buffalo’s ineptitude, Peyton couldn’t even enjoy Denver winning on the second kick attempt as everyone on the ManningCast sat there shaking their heads.

Finally, this is how it sounded on the radio via Westwood One, with Kevin Harlan and Ross Tucker on the call.

“OH MY GOODNESS ON THE BILLS! The Penalty!” Harlan exclaimed after the referee announced that Buffalo had 12 men on the field.

“What is going on right now,” Tucker added.

Aikman’s “Wow,” Peyton and Eli Manning’s head shaking, Harlan’s “OH MY GOODNESS,” and Tucker’s befuddlement, the announcers perfectly echoed what everyone watching the game from home was feeling.

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