Aaron Rodgers on The Pat McAfee Show

As rumors that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t get along with his teammates continue to swirl, one thing we know to be true is that Rodgers doesn’t get along with the media.

Rodgers made his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show Tuesday afternoon. During the interview, he was asked about recent headlines alleging a rift between him and his Green Bay Packers teammates.

“It’s the same tired voices I think for the most part,” Rodgers claimed. “It’s people that either aren’t playing or weren’t anywhere near my level still trying to have a name on TV or people that enjoy trying to run with a narrative that makes me look bad.”

The problem, however, is this latest narrative that the media ran with didn’t come from an unnamed source or a media member looking for attention. It came from Rodgers’ teammate, rookie wide receiver Romeo Doubs.

Last week, Doubs joined CBS Sports Radio’s Maggie & Perloff Show. And during the interview, Maggie Gray asked Doubs to tell a story about a time that he hung out with Rodgers outside-the-facility. After a brief pause, Doubs responded with, “Umm, I didn’t get a chance to hang out with him.”

The answer surprised Gray, who replied, “Not one time? He didn’t take you guys out?”

“As far as being around 12, I’d say possibly it’s always been football. So, in the building, on the practice field,” Doubs said before he dug deep to better his answer. “There was never a time where, you know – or – there was an event, well, not an event, but we had a team get together for Halloween and I thought that was pretty cool.”

The question from Gray was pretty innocent. It didn’t seem like she attempted to create a narrative to make Rodgers look bad. If anything, she was throwing the polarizing quarterback a bone.

With so many swirling narratives about Rodgers being a bad teammate, even his biggest detractors would have assumed Doubs could think of one fun moment he had with his legendary quarterback outside of Lambeau Field. But Doubs couldn’t come up with one. And yes, that ultimately makes Rodgers look bad. Is that the media’s fault?

“Listen, I’m 100 percent attendance on every team party,” Rodgers said in defense of himself. “I don’t know that every person can say that on the squad, so that’s a chance to hang out with me in those venues. I’m damn near 100 percent on every single line dinner. We do some dinners on the road. So I feel like I spend a lot of time with my teammates and I love that time.”

Rodgers may feel that way, but that’s not the narrative being pushed by his own teammates. But shame on the big bad media for digging deep to expose that story, right?

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