Netflix released a full trailer today for Schumacher, the upcoming documentary exploring the life and career of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher.

Out September 15th, the film promises to explore Schumacher’s complex legacy. Undeniably in possession of one of the best careers in the history of motorsports, Schumacher still rubbed some people the wrong way on the track, developing a reputation for pushing the limits of rough driving.

Exploring Schumacher’s off-track life is also certainly a story worth telling. Schumacher was critically injured in a skiing accident in 2013, and while he survived, it was with plenty of adverse long-term effects to his health. The film was apparently made with cooperation of the Schumacher family, so it’s possible we learn more about his current life and prognosis, as well. (Schumacher’s son, Mick, is currently driving his rookie season in Formula 1.)

From Netflix’s original release on the project:

Fully supported by Michael Schumacher’s family, SCHUMACHER features rare interviews and previously undisclosed archival footage and draws a very sensitive yet critical portrait of the seven-time World Champion. The documentary explores the many facets that made and define this complex athlete and accompanies him on his meteoric rise in this challenging and dangerous sport, which is followed by millions worldwide. His strong will and triumphant fight to win against all odds put Michael Schumacher at the centre of global attention.

Michael Schumacher’s journey has captured the imagination of millions, but there is a lot more than motor racing to the success of this very private man. However, it is not only his fighting spirit and striving for perfection that define Michael Schumacher as a person; his self-doubt and insecurities complete the picture of a sensitive and reflected man. At the heart of Michael’s story are his parents, his children and Corinna Schumacher, his childhood sweetheart and the love of his life. They are now ready to tell his story…

Considering Schumacher’s life arc, he’s certainly a prime candidate for a feature documentary. Netflix, meanwhile, is a logical home for a Formula 1 documentary, considering the success of their excellent Drive to Survive docuseries.


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