CBS play-by-play man Verne Lundquist has had a legendary career. He’s called multiple Olympic games, the NBA, NFL, The Masters, College Basketball, and College Football. On Saturday, Uncle Verne called the the 2016 SEC Championship game for the final SEC game of his illustrious career.

Lundquist’s final SEC game was a blowout, as the University of Alabama won its third straight SEC Championship with a 54-16 rout of the University of Florida. Most of the time that would be disappointing to the audience, but in this situation it was perfect, because it gave Uncle Verne more time to tell stories, and gave CBS more time to honor the legend.

Verne got very emotional in his final sign-off, with his longtime broadcasting partner Gary Danielson:

Verne was also recognized by the PA announcer during the game, followed by some complimentary words by Danielson. Very real, awesome moment here, and you can tell that Verne was struggling to hold it together as he took in the moment:

And here’s a fantastic Verne Lundquist montage put together by CBS (they showed one like this after the game as well), along with some more tweets from CBS paying tribute to him:

More social media reaction (which there was plenty of):

Also during the season, many journalists took the opportunity to write final pieces about Verne. Here are some of them:

Verne Lundquist on his own career and what he’s thankful for.

Sports Illustrated‘s Richard Deitsch on what Verne plans to do in retirement.

Newsday on Verne saying “goodbye.”

The Advocate‘s Scott Rabalais on Verne calling a historic LSU vs. Alabama game in his final year.

Loran Smith: A fond farewell to Verne Lundquist

TennTruth on Verne’s last visit to Neyland Stadium.

Thank you for everything, Uncle Verne.

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