Moritz Wagner leaps onto the TBS announcing table in front of Bill Raftery and Grant Hill.

The Michigan Wolverines’ Final Four win over the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers Saturday saw some pretty unexpected player-announcer interaction late in the contest, with Wolverines’ German big man Moritz Wagner trying to save a loose ball near the sidelines and landing on the TBS announcing table in front of Bill Raftery, Grant Hill and Jim Nantz before jumping off. He even broke Raftery’s glasses in the process. Here’s how it looked and sounded in real time on the broadcast:

“Oh, oh, oh my gosh.” “Oh man.” “Get out of here!” The “I thought it was over for a second” from Hill is particularly good, as is Nantz’s line about “I thought he was coming over for the post-game interview.” And here’s a replay, remarkable for Hill’s look of terror:

Here’s a later look at Raftery’s broken glasses:

Wagner apologized to Raftery on-air in his post-game interview with Tracy Wolfson, though:

He then came over to the booth to apologize in person and congratulate Hill on his Basketball Hall of Fame selection:

That’s a pretty remarkable moment, all things considered. And fortunately, no one got seriously hurt. Except for Raftery’s glasses.


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